THC screen set Mach3 – PlasmaSens

One of our customers prepare a THC screen set Mach3  for PlasmaSens and allowed us to share it.

You can download it now under the PlasmaSens device downloads.

Thanks, Neil. G.!

Steps for setting it up:

  • download and unzip PlasmaSens Mach3 screen  and copy *.set files to Mach3 folder
  • run Mach3 Loader
  • Create Profile -> Clone From-> Plasma->”NewProfileName”
  • open “NewProfileName.xml” and search for “<Layout>Plasma.set</Layout>”
  • change Plasma.set text with  Plasma THC.set or Plasma Pokeys.set
  • it is done, run Mach3

THC screen set option 1: Plasma THC.set

THC screen set Mach3 -option 1

THC screen set option 2: Pokeys.set

THC screen set Mach3 -option 2

Information about stepper motor driver ( complete explanation).

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