Plasma cutting PoKeys THC controller

What is CNC plasma cutting?

What are CNC plasma cutters used for? CNC plasma cutting is the manufacturing process of cutting the material with plasma. The CNC plasma cutting process is a very well-known manufacturing process, which was used during 1980. Plasma cutting grew out of plasma welding in the 1960s and emerged as a very productive way to cut … Read more

Floating head for CNC plasma cutter with THC

CNC Plasma floating head – Z axis

In this blog post we are presenting you the plasma floating head for more precise cutting and how it can benefit your CNC plasma cutter with torch heigh control. What is CNC Plasma floating head With plasma cutters, big sheets of metals are usually cut. These sheets usually don’t sit very flat on the plasma … Read more

PoKeys equipment for CNC plasma cutters

CNC plasma cutter setup – introduction

This is general introduction to plasma cutter setup and equipment with explanation of most commonly used nomenclature in that field. We will present the electronics that we offer for THC – torch height control for plasma cutters. What equipment is needed for CNC plasma cutter setup? For plasma cutting setup, we need plasma source in … Read more

Mach3 & Mach4 laser cutter (engraver) with PoKeys

Do you want to build DIY Mach4 laser cutter with PoKeys CNC controller? Read this post to find out how to configure the Mach4 as well as plugin and all the signals.. Components for DIY Mach4 Laser Cutter Laser cutter is usually only 2 axis machine with gantry style layout. Contrast to CNC milling machines, … Read more

CNC machine keyboard mounted on our CNC machine

CNC machine keyboard – benefits and usability

We want to present you the CNC accessory that you might find very useful as well as beneficial to add to your machine – CNC machine keyboard. Why would you need CNC keyboard Having a Mach4 CNC machine is very convenient, since the software can run on any PC or laptop and you only need … Read more

Backlash compensation – how to make your machine more precise

With CNC machines, one can assume the absolute accuracy as high as the control shows. Sometimes the theoretical resolution can be in fractions of the microns. But is it also as precise in reality? How does backlash compensation work? Where does the inaccuracy of the machine come from? There is more than one cause of … Read more

Mantis compact LED repair replacement kit

Microscope LED light – Mantis Compact microscope

We had a problem with unreliable operation of the microscope LED light on our microscope for PCB inspection and assembly. LED boards were constantly dying and we decided to develop and properly replace them with our own Mantis Compact LED array kit. Why is LED lighting important for PCB testing and assembly? PCB testing and … Read more

DIY filament sensor mounted in 3D printed housing

DIY filament sensor for your 3D printer

What if you run out of filament on the 24 hour print? Can your printer detect it and act accordingly? We offer and explain the unique solution with DIY filament sensor. It is reliable and can benefit you with making your printer better. Understanding the importance of a filament sensor Filament sensor is crucial component … Read more

Stepper motor current displayed on the oscilloscope with stepper motor and motor driver

Stepper motor current in OLD vs. NEW drivers

Do you want to better understand the stepper motors, stepper motor drivers and how they work? What is the difference between RMS and PEAK current? We want to present to you the advantages of the new generation of stepper motor drivers and the superior performance that they offer. Introduction to stepper motors and drivers We … Read more

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