Microstep stepper motor driver – 24V signals

PoStep60-256 microstep stepper motor driver can also operate on 24 V control signals.

PoStep60-256 microstep stepper motor driver (complete explanation) is normally operating on 5V inputs for step, direction and enable signals. Most industrial PLC controllers provide only 24V signals. However, adding a simple 1,2 kOhm resistor in series with control input will make the PoStep60-256 micro-stepping stepper motor driver compatible with 24V industrial standard.

You need only 3 pcs. 1,2kohm 0208 size THT resitors for one Postep60-256  stepper motor driver. Alternatively, any other size will work until their value is 1,2 kOhm. Almost any electronics shop is selling such resistors.

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