Microstep stepper motor driver – 24V signals

PoStep60-256 microstep stepper motor driver can operate also on 24 V controll signals.

PoStep60-256 microstep stepper motor driver is normally operating on 5V inputs for step, direction and enable signals. Most industrial PLC controllers provide only 24V signals. However adding simple 1,2 kOhm resistor in series with controll input will make PoStep60-256 microstepping stepper motor driver compatible with 24V industrial standard.

You need only 3 pcs. 1,2kohm 0208 size THT resitors for one Postep60-2556 microstep stepper motor driver. Alternatively any other size will work until their value is 1,2 kOhm. Almost any electronics shop is selling such resistors.


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