Stepper motor driver with modbus – How to use it.

By |August 10th, 2020|Other|

In this blog we will introduce how to use stepper motor driver with modbus communication. A practical example will answer any questions you may have about PoStep60 and modbus communication. What will we try to achieve? Our plan is to read few driver's parameter and make some stepper motor movements using a Postep60 Modbus commands [...]

Motor driver PoStep60-256 now with MODBUS communication

By |July 27th, 2020|Other, Stepper driver, Stepper motor|

We added a new feature to our popular universal motor driver PoStep60-256. A MODBUS communication over RS485 peripheral. In addition to the existing USB and I2C bus, now you can configure and monitor the driver also using a standard robust industrial  Modbus communication protocol over RS485 bus. Now we can use the driver with PLC [...]

Flatten The Curve: PoLabs’ Reaction to COVID-19

By |March 14th, 2020|Other|

It’s official – we are dealing with a pandemic. As horrible as it may sound, now is not the time to panic and at the same time not the time to be careless. The time is now to act positively, innovate and think of new ways to progress. Despite being the responsible adults that we [...]

Integralna rešitev za optimizacijo proizvodnje: Industrial Spyder

By |November 18th, 2019|Other|

Razvoj integralnega sistema za spremljanje proizvodnje Cilj projekta je razvoj integralnega sistema za spremljanje proizvodnje, ki z rešitvami na osnovi naprednih senzorjev, blockchain tehnologije in analitike z uporabo metod umetne inteligence zbira, analizira in obdeluje industrijske podatke ter v realnem času povezuje tri glavne dejavnike vsake proizvodnje: človeka – stroj – orodje. Višina celotnih stroškov [...]

THC screen set Mach3 – PlasmaSens

By |July 11th, 2019|CNC controller, CNC Machine, Other, PoKeys|

One of our customer prepare a THC screen set Mach3  for PlasmaSens and allowed us to share it. You can download it now under the PlasmaSens device downloads. Thanks Neil. G. ! Steps for setting it up: download and unzip PlasmaSens Mach3 screen set.zip  and copy *.set files to Mach3 folder run Mach3 Loader Create [...]

Automation control device – PoKeys used in orchidarium!

By |June 11th, 2018|CNC controller, Home automation, Other|

Recently, one of our customers, Tomaž P., sent us a description of his project “Orchidarium automation”. He uses our PoKeys57U usb CNC controller as an automation control device. We are glad to hear our devices are not installed only in CNC control and flight simulator world but also used in such “green” projects as a [...]

Data acquisition with PoKeys and logging with Raspberry Pi

By |March 22nd, 2018|Other|

Versatility of PoKeys device makes it well suited as a component of an environment monitoring system. PoKeys device functions as a data acquisition point, as many different sensors can be easily connected to it. Acquired data can be stored directly with PoKeys software logger or sent to local or remote server (like ThingSpeak IoT service) [...]

Arduino Mega2560 and PoRelay8 relay boards with CAN bus

By |March 16th, 2018|Home automation, How to, Other, PoKeys|

PoRelay8 board with 8 relay outputs can be connected to any device, which can communicate over I2C protocol (see example for Raspberry Pi and PoKeys). If 8 relay outputs do not satisfy your demands, additional 9 boards can be daisy-chained over CAN bus, even with long cables between boards. Here we present an example of [...]

Raspberry Pi 3 and PoRelay8 relay boards – Part 2 (CAN bus)

By |February 13th, 2018|Other, PoKeys|

First part of this blog (you can find it here) was about connecting and controlling single PoRelay8 board with Raspberry Pi. Relay board and Raspberry Pi were communicating over I2C bus. Setup in this example has two limitations: First, I2C bus was developed for communication between devices on same PCB and can be used only [...]

PoKeys meets ThingSpeak – reporting data to IoT cloud

By |January 17th, 2018|Other|

Late in December Xively IoT platform has announced retirement of its free service Xively Personal, support for which was already integrated into our Ethernet PoKeys devices. One of possible alternatives is ThingSpeak IoT platform. Free version offers up to 3 channels, each can contain 8 data fields. Number of messages is limited to 3 million [...]

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