CNC wiring ground cable on spool

CNC wiring – general rules and best practices

Are you having problems with reliability of your machine or are you planning on making a DIY CNC and want to maket the electornics as reliable as possible? Here are some tips for CNC wiring your machine.. CNC wiring introduction CNC machines usually have separate compartment or cabinet for all the electronics. That way they … Read more

Floating head for CNC plasma cutter with THC

CNC Plasma floating head – Z axis

In this blog post we are presenting you the plasma floating head for more precise cutting and how it can benefit your CNC plasma cutter with torch heigh control. What is CNC Plasma floating head With plasma cutters, big sheets of metals are usually cut. These sheets usually don’t sit very flat on the plasma … Read more

PoKeys equipment for CNC plasma cutters

CNC plasma cutter setup – introduction

This is general introduction to plasma cutter setup and equipment with explanation of most commonly used nomenclature in that field. We will present the electronics that we offer for THC – torch height control for plasma cutters. What equipment is needed for CNC plasma cutter setup? For plasma cutting setup, we need plasma source in … Read more

Mach3 & Mach4 laser cutter (engraver) with PoKeys

Do you want to build DIY Mach4 laser cutter with PoKeys CNC controller? Read this post to find out how to configure the Mach4 as well as plugin and all the signals.. Components for DIY Mach4 Laser Cutter Laser cutter is usually only 2 axis machine with gantry style layout. Contrast to CNC milling machines, … Read more

Mantis compact LED repair replacement kit

Microscope LED light – Mantis Compact microscope

We had a problem with unreliable operation of the microscope LED light on our microscope for PCB inspection and assembly. LED boards were constantly dying and we decided to develop and properly replace them with our own Mantis Compact LED array kit. Why is LED lighting important for PCB testing and assembly? PCB testing and … Read more

DIY filament sensor mounted in 3D printed housing

DIY filament sensor for your 3D printer

What if you run out of filament on the 24 hour print? Can your printer detect it and act accordingly? We offer and explain the unique solution with DIY filament sensor. It is reliable and can benefit you with making your printer better. Understanding the importance of a filament sensor Filament sensor is crucial component … Read more

Current measurement with oscilloscope, measuring current of the stepper motor.

Current measurement with oscilloscope – how to?

Yes, you can measure current with oscilloscope and current measurement with oscillsocope does not only tell you the instantaneous value of the current but gives you the time changing waveform from which the operation of the device can be observed. Time changing currents can be measured and displayed on the oscilloscope with help of the … Read more

Razvoj elektrostatičnega filtra za dimniške sisteme malih kurilnih naprav (CleanSmoke)

Operacija je bila za sofinanciranje izbrana na Javnem razpisu »Spodbude za raziskovalno razvojne projekte NOO« (JR RRI NOO). Naziv projekta: Razvoj elektrostatičnega filtra za dimniške sisteme malih kurilnih naprav (CleanSmoke) Predmet razvoja bo filter trdnih delcev, ki se lahko integrira v obstoječ dimniški sistem. Filtrirni sistem bo deloval na podlagi tehnologije ESP, ki s pomočjo … Read more

Plasma voltage divider with PoKeys57CNC

CNC plasma electronics [How to connect CNC plasma voltage divider]

We present our latest project CNC plasma cutter. The main focus is CNC plasma electronics: CNC plasma cutter voltage divider, PoKeys57CNC, sensors, adapters. Also wiring diagram of whole CNC plasma cutter and configuration in Mach4. We make a useful custom made machine for our needs, which help us to even improve our service. The main … Read more

PoLabs received the AAA Golden Creditworthiness Certificate of Excellence

PoLabs has been awarded the Gold AAA Certificate of Excellence by the international organization Bisnode. One of Europe’s largest providers of business information which conducts credit rating evaluations in 18 European countries. The certificate is based on the analysis of financial statements for the previous year and the performance forecast for the following year.  PoLabs … Read more

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