PoScope4 release 3.0

The latest release of PoScope4 introduces new features and improvements

PWM protocol decoder

We’re introducing new PWM protocol decoder which helps with debugging of PWM signals.

PWM decoder
PWM decoder


  1. Improvement of export routines to speed up export to CSV and PCM formats for all displays.
  2. Added Autoscale buttons for each channel of Mega1 and Mega50 on control GUI
  3. Device control buttons toolbar auto-group when main window width  is smaller than sum width of all buttons in toolbar

Bug fixes

  1. Analyze navigator update fixes
  2. Time calculation fixes
  3. Recorder export fixes
  4. Fixed drawing of decoded items on logic analyzer


PoScope4 v3.0 download link or visit our web page www.poscope.com/downloads

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