PoKeys update 3.1.67 released

We just released a new PoKeys update 3.1.67 that contains some bug fixes and new features.

New features in PoKeys update 3.1.67

PoKeys update 3.1.67 brings firmware update 3.1.67 for PoKeys56 series devices and firmware update 4.1.44 for PoKeys57 series devices.

The update can be downloaded here: PoKeys v3.1.67, PoBlocks, Mach3 plugin (30.11.2015).exe

Matrix mapping to joystick buttons now possible

It is now possible to map the matrix keyboard switches to joystick buttons. Use the drop-down menu under ‘Select pin’ in the Joystick mapping settings to select matrix keyboard switches. Upper 8×8 matrix keyboard is supported. This feature is supported in PoKeys56U, PoKeys57U and PoKeys57CNC.

Matrix to joystick

PoStep driver interface on PoKeys57CNC

By connecting the PoStep60-256 stepper motor drivers – (complete explanation) to PoKeys57CNC device by the use of the 10-pin PoExtension cables, one can configure the PoStep driver settings directly by using PoKeys application or PoKeys Mach4 plugin

Settings can be accessed using the new ‘Configure PoStep drivers’ button from the Pulse engine dialog (see below).

Configure PoStep

A dialog appears that allows you to configure currents, temperature limit and step mode (microstepping resolution) without the need to connect the PoStep60-256 stepper motor driver to USB.

PoStep confguration

The same settings can also be accessed directly from PoKeys plugin for Mach4 (available soon).

PoStep configuration in Mach4

Bug fixes

Device discovery user ID bug fixed

PoKeys57 series devices always responded with user ID of 0, making in-advance identification of PoKeys devices not possible. This is now fixed and works correctly.

False user ID reported
1-wire PoIL command (get status) bug fixed

The 1-wire PoIL system function kept returning 1-wire bus busy status. This is now fixed and works correctly.

Joystick triggered mapping fix

We discovered that the joystick triggered mapping settings did not produce correct results in the device. This is now fixed.

LCD pins protected from IO updates

Some users noticed that anomalies appeared on the LCD module if digital outputs were updated. The update command affected the LCD IO lines and introduced anomalies in the display. This is now fixed.

LCD anomalies
LCD anomalies

PoNET bus reliability update

PoNET keyboard kbd48CNC may become unresponsive in case of communication errors on the PoExtBus/PoNET. This is fixed in the latest release.

PoNET kbd48CNC
PoNET kbd48CNC

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