NEW – preview of PoBlocks 2.0

We present a new version of our graphical programming tool PoBlocks – PoBlocks 2.0. Let us present some of the new features.

Block groups

Now, multiple blocks can be grouped together into a single group block with customizable inputs and outputs.

You can now organize the PoBlocks project in a cleaner way – instead of seeing all these blocks

you can group them by selecting them and pressing ‘g’ on the keyboard

As a bonus – you can import an existing PoBlocks diagram as a new group block via File > Import as a group.

Built-in support for Structured text programming language

Implementing basic conditional logic and state machines can be impractical in the graphical environment. PoBlocks already supported Custom PoIL blocks, which allowed custom code to be written directly in the PoIL language. Unfortunately, this is the assembly language level programming and requires a certain level of a deeper understanding of how PoIL works. Now, in PoBlocks 2.0, we implemented the support for standardized Structured Text (ST) programming language.

Write a clean and easy-to-understand ST code and directly translate it into a function block.

Cleaner GUI design

It was also time for some PoBlocks GUI refresh – the interface is now cleaner and features new block icons. There are also other changes to the PoBlocks user interface to help the designer work faster and focus more on solving the task on hand.


PoBlocks 2.0 is now part of the latest PoKeys setup package for free: PoKeys v4.5.6 Configuration and PoBlocks 2.0 (30.1.2022).exe (55.02 Mb)


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