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Arduino Mega2560 and PoRelay8 relay boards with CAN bus

By |March 16th, 2018|Home automation, How to, Other, PoKeys|

PoRelay8 board with 8 relay outputs can be connected to any device, which can communicate over I2C protocol (see example for Raspberry Pi and PoKeys). If 8 relay outputs do not satisfy your demands, additional 9 boards can be daisy-chained over CAN bus, even with long cables between boards. Here we present an example of [...]

Raspberry Pi and PoRelay8 relay boards – Part 1

By |December 21st, 2017|Home automation, How to, Other|

PoRelay8 is a relay board and features 8 relay outputs. Up to 10 boards can be daisy-chained over the CAN bus for up to 80 additional outputs. In previous blog (Using PoRelay8 with PoKeys and long cables) we wrote about connecting PoRelay8 relay board to PoKeys57U device over the PoExtBus. The PoRelay8 is an updated [...]

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