CNC plasma electronics [How to connect CNC plasma voltage divider]

We present our latest project CNC plasma cutter. The main focus is CNC plasma electronics: CNC plasma cutter voltage divider, PoKeys57CNC, sensors, adapters. Also wiring diagram of whole CNC plasma cutter and configuration in Mach4. We make a useful custom made machine for our needs, which help us to even improve our service. The main focus in blog is to present you, how to build machine with CNC electronics and Plasma voltage divider and which are main benefits.

What are the main parts of CNC plasma electronics

CNC plasma cutter machine is a widely used machine in metal manufacturing. The latest blogs: Plasma cutting equipment, Introduction to CNC hardware, and plasma cutter troubleshooting guide were great introductions to get some base knowledge or learn more and get an idea of how to improve something on the machine.

The main electronic parts of the CNC machine are:

CNC plasma cutter voltage divider

Plasma divider – PlasmaDiv is a professional, precise, robust, and galvanically isolated voltage divider with a 50:1 ratio for CNC plasma cutting.
PlasmaDiv is developed to be used as an independent device and is compatible with most CNC controller boards on the market and plasma cutters.

Plasma Div features:

  • High Voltage: operating range: 0-500 V, 50:1 input divider ratio , filtering cut-off frequency: 1 kHz
  • Low voltage input (10V) divider ratio: 1:1,
  • Isolated  and filtered output voltage: 0-10 V,
  • Isolation voltage (RMS): up to 1200 V,
  • Isolation voltage (transients): up to 6000 V,
  • Power supply voltage: 24 V,
  • Start output relay signal.
  • Plugin support for Mach3 and mach4, it can be operated with any CNC software and hardware without any drivers.
  • PoKeys 57CNC – USB and Ethernet CNC controller or any other motion controller is needed for operation.
  • To connect it to 3,3V input of the PoKeys57CNC or any controller with 3,3 V input use an Adapter board 10V-3V3 or made voltage divider.

How to connect CNC plasma cutter voltage divider

The PlasmaDiv device is prepared for two possible connections to the plasma cutter equipment. A max 500 V input for direct connection and 10 V input for connection using divided plasma cutter output.

Direct connection

schematic - PlasmaDiv - PoKeys - Adapter board
Divided voltage connection
Schematics - divided voltage output
Plasma voltage divider - pinout

Advantages of PoKeys CNC plasma cutter voltage divider

  • Small and powerful electronic devices.
  • Divider offers noise-free arc voltage values attenuated to a safe voltage level, which can be interfaced with standard electronics such as A/D converters and microprocessors.
  • PlasmaDiv is developed to be used as an independent device and is compatible with most CNC controller boards on the market and plasma cutters.

PoKeys CNC controller


Setup & wiring of CNC plasma electronics

Polabs offer you to get all electronic devices or equipment to set up and wire your custom CNC machine.

CNC plasma electronics - PoKeys - PLasma divider and adapter board
CNC plasma electronics- CNC plasma cutter
CNC plasma cutter – PoLabs – PoKeys CNC machine for upgrading our workshop and improving our support for customers.

Configuration of CNC plasma electronics in Mach4

The right configuration is very important, all starts with the correct connection ( check pinout and layout) to the PlasmaDiv board.

Secondly, it is important to set up all parameters – in plug-in, PlasmaDiv can be used in Mach3 or Mach4 plug-in.

For more information please check the user manual for PlasmaDiv.

Control configuration - voltage divider
Control configuration -
PoKeys - Plasma voltage divider ( screen configuration)
CNC plasma - Mach4 configuration


Polabs, develop and manufacture electronic products for many different areas and needs and also make some machines to make work easier, more productive, and high quality More introduction to CNC Plasma electronics and how to connect plasma voltage divider you can find in the product user manual. Below, here you can find some latest blog posts and products:

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